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HS Aspire Students partner with Food Service Dept.

HS Aspire Students partner with Food Service Dept.

Last year, the high school Aspire students started working with the Food Service department as part of a life skills curriculum. The curriculum, which was first developed by Mrs. Nina Giordani and Mr. Robert Gellman, has grown from just a couple of students a year ago to the entire class now joining them for what the students love to call "going to work". 

The Aspire staff, along with Miss Laurie and Miss Barbara, from the Food Service department work with the students as they prepare cookies, garlic bread, fruit cups, fresh fruit and fold towels. Mrs. Elena Wakeham, Mr. Finochios and their staff are providing insightful tips and tricks when teaching these students the importance of completing a task while staying organized and focused.

"The students love working with the Food Service staff and we love seeing how much more confident and independent our students have become since they started 'going to work'. This program has definitely enriched the lives of everyone involved," said Mr. Gellman. 

student group photo
students working in kitchen