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Washingtonville High School holds NHS Induction Ceremony

Washingtonville High School holds NHS Induction Ceremony

Washingtonville High School held its annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on November 14th, 2023 to recognize 66 academically outstanding and well rounded high school students. 

NHS students have demonstrated excellence through their academic achievements and also in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. 

The Washingtonville High School JROTC Color Guard started off the night with a presentation of colors.

The NHS also invited Lisa Angelilo, as the keynote speaker. She is a retiree of WHS where she was a  teaching assistant, co-advisor of Student Coalition, community service and more. 

Ms. Angelilo explained how she saw each of the characteristics of NHS members and how she saw them in all of the students. “Did you ever reach out to a fellow student when they were having a bad day? That’s character,” she said. “Responsibility. Have you committed yourself to a project and seen it through to fruition? I’m sure you all have,” she said. “Sitting on the stage here tonight and sitting in the audience, demonstrates your commitment to scholarship. Last but certainly not least, leadership. Setting a good example for your peers. That’s leadership. These are not qualities that will just serve you in your years at WHS.”

She also left the students with some advice as they waited for their official induction to begin, “These are qualities that will serve you and serve you well as you leave the halls and venture out on your journey in the next phase of your lives. Everyone’s path will be different and everyone’s path will be unique. One thing to remember, no matter where you go and no matter what you do, keep what you have learned in WHS. You have learned from the best and it will help you throughout your journey.”

Present on the stage were four candles that represented the four common characteristics of all NHS members. Members of the NHS lit each candle and explained what each candle represented. 

As all of the inductees crossed the stage, they signed their name in the scroll that dates back to 1967, and dripped the wax of one of the four candles onto a bowl. Student and member of NHS, Connor Harris, who was inducted in November of 2022, explained that the bowl represents the union and communal pool of knowledge that each person brings to the NHS.

The ceremony closed off with all inducted members reciting the NHS Oath.

Congratulations to inducted members of the NHS!

New Members to National Honor Society 2023-2024

Audrey Agbato
Jennay Amaral
Ayiana Alvarez
Kaitlyn Baeza
Brady Bohan
Amira Brown
Isabella Brown
Anna Buchanan
Shayna Byrd
Jinyi Cai
Jeffrey Carola
Jaclyn Chubay
Vanessa Coleman
Isabella Cuadrado
Lara Cunnane
Andrew Dahlstrom
Olivia DeCarvalho
Sophie DeCarvalho
Evangeline De Marco
Myles Dansby
Nicholas DiDomizio
Anna DiGiovanni
Grayson Dueck
Connor Efinger
Jack Eubank
Hayden Flynn
Abigail Fontana
Jayden Gayta-Gonzalez
Jude Goldberg
Ariana Gomes
Bridget Hagan
John Haug
Elizabeth Hewitt
Andrew Icobelli
Kayla Jackson

Kathlynn Johnson
Sophie Kilcoyne
Ava LaBrocca
Matthew Medina
Lilly Messler
Aidan Milmore
Maxwell Mobray
Saribelle Moncada
Vanessa Moran
Sophia Mouhteros
Lauren Norman
Katherine Overbey
Derek Perri
Julianna Powzaniuk
Omar Puello
Keendra Resignac
Sophia Rivera
Sadie Robinson
Samuel Robles
Alice Roe
Leah Scopteuolo-Rosen
Alexander Solek
Aidan Sullivan 
Karl Tedaldi
Ashley Thebaud
Olivia Tran
Allison Troia 
Avery Upeslacis
Kaylani Vega
Elizabeth Wakeham
Martyna Zalewski