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WHS students participate in the ultimate appetizer face off

WHS students participate in the ultimate appetizer face off

On Friday, February 9, students in Ms. Michelle Campbell’s Food and Nutrition class participated in a Superbowl themed appetizer face off.

Students were tasked with creating a simple appetizer, using only seven ingredients, within 45 minutes. They also created commercials to promote their business/dish!

Judges made up of faculty and staff from WHS came to judge the students' dishes based on taste, presentation, creativity, and commercial. Students also received extra points if they came dressed in athletic attire and were “flagged” by the referee (Ms. Campbell) if there were any signs of foul play, including “unnecessary roughness,” and “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

Students cooked dishes that included nachos, guacamole, salsa and more. Of course, only one team scored the ultimate touchdown, but all the students were able to try their dishes at the end of the judging period, so everyone was a winner!

three bowls consisting of nacho chips, salsa and nachos with meat and tomatoes
five students standing together for a photo
two adults dressed like referees smiling for the camera
three adults smiling for the camera