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Washingtonville High School guidance counselors foster each student’s social, emotional and academic development to maximize their educational potential. We have six school counselors serving a student population of 1,300+ students. Students are assigned a guidance counselor based on the first letter of their last name (see information to the right).

UPcoming events

Orange County Counselor's Association  College Night 
Thursday, April 27, 2023
6:00 - 8:00pm
SUNY Orange PE Building, Middletown, NY

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Guidance Documents

Angela Jeroloman

Guidance Secretary

Siomara Martinez

Guidance Secretary


(845) 497-4000

Kim Kelly, ext 24514
Grade 9 – A to CQ
Grade 10 – A to B
Grade 11 – A to C
Grade 12 – A to C

Jill Exarchakis, 24158
Grade 9- CR-G
Grade 10 - C to D
Grade 11 - D to G
Grade 12 - D to G

Melissa Lynch, ext 24513
Grade 9- MB-RA
Grade 10 - J to 0
Grade 11- MC — P
Grade 12 - MI to PI

Kimberly Pietris, ext 24515
Grade 9 - H-MA
Grade 10- E to I
Grade 11- H to MA
Grade 12 - H to MH

Eric Marburger, ext. 24517
Grade 9 - RB to S
Grade 10 - P to S
Grade 11 - Q to S
Grade 12- PJ to S

Scott Lerner, ext. 24516
Grade 9 - T to Z
Grade 10 - T to Z
Grade 11- T to Z
Grade 12 - T to Z