Course Guide 2022-2023


The Washingtonville High School Course Guide offers a comprehensive listing of our school’s course offerings which have been designed as a varied and challenging academic curriculum. Careful planning and selection of courses is important to the successful growth and achievement of academic goals throughout a student’s high school career.

Every year, new courses are added to meet the interests of a diverse student population. Enriched/Accelerated, Advanced Placement, and college-level courses are some of the various programs which offer opportunities for earning college credit during high school and allow students to experience the kind of rigor they can expect at the college level.

The Washingtonville High School staff is committed to a partnership with all students in a rigorous level of achievement in order to prepare students to be successful members of society.

We look forward to this opportunity to collaborate with you for continual success, both individually and as a learning community.

Find Course Descriptions below.

Course Guide 2022-2023

2022-2023 Course Descriptions