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June Regents Exams

General Information for Final Assessments & Regents EXAMS

  • For Final Assessments: In-class final interim assessments will be posted by individual teachers
  • For Regents Exams - ONLY students taking assigned Regents exams are to report to the high school;              please see the posted Regents schedule for more specific information 

AM transportation will be provided as follows:  

  1. AM Regents begin at 8:00 am; students should be at their assigned bus stops at their normal times.           
  2.  Students being dropped off at the high school should arrive no later than 7:45 am                          
  3. Minimum testing time for morning exams ends at 10:30 am. Students may not leave the testing                        room before that time.  Buses will be available to transport students home after their AM exams at                  11:00 am.                        
  4. Students taking AM & PM exams must wait in the cafeteria area between exams; lunch will be                          available  for students who request it.

      PM transportation will be provided as follows: 

  1. PM Regents begin at 12:00 pm; students being dropped off at the high school should arrive no later                than 11:45 am
  2. Students taking a PM exam will have transportation available, as well. Students should be at their                    assigned bus stops at approximately 11:15 am to take the bus to the high school for their PM exams.
  3. Minimum testing time for students is 2:11 pm. Buses will be available at 2:20 pm for those students                   who have completed their exams. The exam ends at 3:00 pm, and there will be another bus run at                    3:45 pm for those who need transportation at that time.
  • Inclement Weather:  If inclement weather occurs on any of the Regents testing dates, the exam will be        cancelled via ConnectEd Message.  
  • Further instructions will be provided via the website and a ConnectEd message, if a delay is called.
  • Again, the cafeteria will be open for lunch.  Students will not be permitted to leave the building, but                lunch will be provided for those that request it.





AM Exam - 7:45 AM

PM Exam - 11:45 AM

June 4

Algebra 1

June 14
English Language Arts Living Environment  
June 18
US History & Government
Global History & Geography II
June 19
Juneteenth Holiday Observed
Juneteenth Holiday Observed
June 20
Physical Setting/Earth Science
Physical Setting/Chemistry
June 21
Geometry NONE  
June 24

Algebra II

June 25
Physical Setting/Physics NONE  
June 26