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Library Guidelines & Procedures


  • Students are expected to work on assignments or to read QUIETLY while in the Library.
  • Students are expected to comply with school rules for behavior (see Student Planners).
  • Students are expected to use Library Resources appropriately.

Borrowing Policies

  • Fiction and nonfiction books may be signed out for up to 3 WEEKS. Books may be renewed.
  • Students with overdue books or materials will not be permitted to sign out new materials until the overdue item is returned, or the lost item is paid for.
  • Checkout System:
    • Go to the Circulation Desk with the book(s) to be signed out.
    • The Library Teaching Assistant or Librarian will scan the book out to you.

Library Passes

  • Students must have a LIBRARY PASS or a YELLOW HALL PASS that has been signed, timed, and dated by a teacher or monitor.
  • Passes are collected at the Circulation Desk as students enter the Library.
  • Students must sign in the appropriate attendance book on the Circulation Desk.

Computer Use

  • Students may use the Library’s computers for assignments, research, word processing or projects.
  • Students must sign a computer sign-up sheet.
  • Students are expected to use computer equipment properly and to report any problems to Library staff.
  • Students not complying with Washingtonville Central School District’s computer use policies will be restricted from using the Library’s, and possibly the school’s, computers.

After School Library Use

  • Students wishing to stay in the library after school will need to get a pre-signed library pass from the librarian during the day. If you do not get a pass during the day, there is no guarantee there will be room in the library for you to stay after.
  • Students must arrive at the Library by 2:20 pm and sign an attendance sheet. Students must stay in the Library until 3:30 pm unless they are walking home, being picked up, or attending another school event.
  • At 3:30, students will be issued late bus passes and be dismissed.

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